Growing Like A Weed

Arkansas Tech University Home Page

Arkansas Tech University Facebook Page

Arkansas Tech University has recently been named one of the fastest growing universities in the U.S. From a financial standpoint, for the school and the town of Russellville, this is outstanding news. The revenue that college kids bring to the industries surrounding the university is great, so by enrollment going up continuously, this revenue only increases. From a personal standpoint, this makes me very happy. I have attended Arkansas Tech University for 1 1/2 years. ATU is home to me and I love to watch it grow. I feel that Arkansas Tech University is as hidden gem of Arkansas so to speak. As an Arkansan, you probably know about ATU, but outsiders may not. The big name college of Arkansas is definitely the U of A, but I think Arkansas Tech University is just waiting to grow to that size and reputation. ATU has an absolutely breathtaking campus with so much to offer. The enrollment and campus is big enough to where you always see new people, yet small enough to where your professors know you by name. I am proud to be a part of such an outstanding univeristy and I can’t wait to continue to watch it grow! 


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