Saving some. Spending more. 

Coupons Galore

America Obesity Costs
Do coupons really save you money? Or are they costing you money? Spending money is inevitable, and regardless of the income people still thrive on a good deal so saving money with coupons is a way to make spending money a little less painful. Food and restaurant coupons are a huge one. TLC even did a show about extreme couponers, if you’ve never seen it I suggest you watch it because it is an ART. One set of coupons I find myself using quite often are fast food coupons such as McDonalds “Buy 1 quarter pounder get one free”. Well who doesn’t love free food? Exactly. I feel like coupons such as these help feed America’s obesity. People love to save money, love to get free stuff even more, and really love to eat. I think that individuals will see a coupon for a large amount of food that is more than they would normally eat (or need to eat) but it’s the same price as a normal portion or even cheaper so why not, right? Wrong. That isn’t saving you money. It’s saving you money here and now but how much does obesity cost? Much, much more. So ask yourself, are you coupons costing YOU money?  



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