Almost Guaranteed Best Friends

A Sibling’s Bond

Growing up with three siblings, I had times where I was so jealous of my friends that were an only child. I had to share everything, my parents money and time was split four ways, and being the oldest I was always disciplined the most because “I was setting the example”. As I have gotten older though, and especially now looking back on times my siblings and I shared as children, those three goobers are three of the best things that have ever happened to me. Having younger siblings, or siblings at all, is like you’ve been give permanent best friends. My siblings and I are nothing alike, I mean nothing. We are each our own person. If we weren’t siblings and you stuck us all together in a high school I can almost guarantee we wouldn’t be hanging out in the same group. Yet our relationships are fantastic, we get along so well and our complete differences make us work better together. We share such a special bond in the fact that we share the same set of parents so it is like we all share a piece of each other. A sibling relationship is one like no other. It is a bond that can only be shared between siblings. Not being an only child has brought me more joy than all the presents I could have gotten if it was just me.  



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