Pretty Food Tastes Better


Pretty Food Really Does Taste Better

I absolutely love food. I always look forward to my next meal and whatever wonderful explosion of flavors it will bring to my mouth next. I am very adventurous in what I eat, I am always on the search for something new and exciting. I have started noticing on my newest food journeys that pretty food always seems to taste a little bit better. Is it the fact that someone who puts so much effort into the appearance also knows how to make stuff taste good or simply that the pleasing appearance to my eyes makes me think it genuinely tastes better? Honestly, I think it is a little of both. A good chef (or cook) knows how to make something taste AND look good because they truly care about the reputation of their food, so therefore most likely if your food is visually appealing it will be tastefully appealing as well. But there is just something about if your food comes out looking all ground up and mushed together that already makes you think it tastes bad. We want our food to look good because that first impression of it visually does set our mind for how our tongue receives the flavors. So as a self proclaimed “food connoisseur”, I say always look for both of these aspects in a meal.


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