But first, let me take a selfie. 

Selfie Shaming

Selfie’s have become quite popular. We have #selfiesunday on social media. The word selfie has even been added to the dictionary for crying out loud! Some people take a few selfies here and there, while others do it daily or even multiple times a day. One thing that comes with popular trends is the usual criticism. I have seen many people shame others for taking too many selfies. But why? Yes I get tired of seeing people’s selfies all the time but think of why they post them. I post a selfie when I’m feeling extra pretty. I want to show off that I’m feeling good about myself. You have to be careful shaming others for selfies because confidence isn’t a crime. Yes, others do take it a little far by posting quite often, but at least you know they are confident in and take pride in their outside appearance. 


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