Cheap, cheap, cheap

Gas Buddy

Arkansas Ranks Lowest in Gas Prices
I almost hate to bring this topic up because I don’t want to jinx it, but the price of gas lately is crazy! When you say crazy referring to gas prices you usually mean crazy high, but I actually mean crazy low! Gas prices have been slowly creeping lower and lower for a little while now, but they have gone even lower than expected. When they started lowering gas was close to $4.00/gallon and slowly got done to $2 and some change. The people who control the gas prices said it would never get that low again. As of today though, it is at $1.86. I think that gas being this low is very beneficial. When people can save so much on gas they are more likely to travel and go out and about more which really helps other businesses. Here’s to hoping gas stays this cheap! 



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