Over time life

The full time job of being a student

Why college is worth it

Yes I go to school full time, but school is more than a full time job. School is a 24/7 job. It’s a job that has endless hours, a set schedule plus plenty of volunteer overtime hours, yet YOU pay IT! You have to go to class for 15+ hours per week but that isn’t enough. Then you have to go home and do homework usually each night just to keep up with all your classes. Oh wait, but that isn’t enough either! After class all day and homework all afternoon, you have to study all night just to keep up with each class. School keeps you crazy busy. College is probably the busiest, most difficult, yet most fun time in your life. If there was more hours in the day that might help, but between work and school there is just never enough time to finish everything much less sleep enough.  



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