Cheesecake Recipe via Martha Stewart

Today in Olivia’s kitchen…mile high cheesecake courtesy of a Martha Stewart recipe. Cheesecake is my absolute favorite. Chocolate, plain, topped with strawberry, it doesn’t matter how it is if it is cheesecake then I love it. I finally bought a springform pan so I could start making it at home and tonight is my first attempt. Cheesecake is so yummy to eat but let me tell you, it is quite the task to make and very messy. Then after it takes forever to put together and clean up, it takes even longer to cook. The cheesecake has to cook for a little over an hour, sit in the oven while it’s off but the door is cracked open for an hour, THEN it has to chill for 6+ hours. You spend the whole day making the cheesecake and then you still can’t even eat it until the next day! Mine is in the oven as I right this so I won’t be able to try it until tomorrow, hopefully it’s a success! 



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