It’s Never Worth It

Why Couples Fight
How To Make Up After A Fight
You know those times when you just get so mad. You say what you do not mean and do things you end up regretting. Then you wake up the next day and realize it is never worth it. I hate, hate, hate conflict. But when I get tired and something gets to me just right, fights between me and my one and only tend to happen. Last night was one of those nights. Today as I wake up and sit here alone while he is gone for a little bit all I can do is think of how it is never worth it. Getting so mad, being so mean, the yelling and the crying. When you calm down and sit in the silence, in only the presence of yourself you realize how lonely it would be if that had been the end. The reality is though, any moment could be the end. We need to cherish each other and be careful what we do and say, it is all about picking your battles.  



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