Like a kid again

10 Ways to get in the Holiday Spirit Christmas It’s the holiday season! It’s days away from Thanksgiving which means all the Christmas shopping and festivities are about to begin. I love this time of year, lights and decorations everywhere. It’s the one time when no matter how stressful it can get I feel like … More Like a kid again


What is Thanksgiving? Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes Thanksgiving. The day to enjoy family and eat way too much! Having a significant other makes my previous statement even more true. Now I get to have two of every holiday. Two Thanksgiving’s means tons and tons of food! So appropriately, we decided to start the week full … More Pre-Game

Arkansas Life

Arkansas Weather Climate of Arkansas Arkansas, oh Arkansas. The weather here is absolutely nuts. We had a mild summer and they said we’d have a crazy winter. So much snow and it would just be so unlike our usual, no snow, boring winters. It’s late November and it’s still warm. The past two days it’s … More Arkansas Life

Monday juice

NescafĂ© instant coffee What is instant coffee? Coffee. The perfect drink to get me going in the morning, especially on a Monday. I mean how bad can three cups of coffee really be? I usually don’t drink that much in one morning but this week I discovered instant coffee. I never thought I would choose … More Monday juice

Family History

Ancestry Ancestors Recently, I had to do an interview with my aunt for a class. She is in the career that I want to pursue so I interviewed her over that. While we were doing the interview, she began to tell me a lot about my grandpa who died when I was only two. I … More Family History

Good PR

Steal A Base, Steal A Breakfast Taco Bell Giving Out Free Breakfast This morning Taco Bell gave away free breakfast. It was part of a World Series campaign called “Steal a base, steal a breakfast.” Today from 7am-11am Taco Bell gave away a free crunch wrap with your choice of sausage or bacon on the … More Good PR

Dishes for life

How to clean dishes quickly Dishwashing Hacks Dishes. The one chore that literally never ends. I grew up in a house of six so dirty dishes was always an abundance because there was quite a few people. So when I moved in with my fiancĂ© I thought we would hardly ever have to do the … More Dishes for life

Morning fuel

Hiland Chocolate Milk Top 10 Best Chocolate Milk Brands I don’t always want something sweet in the morning. It’s my first meal of the day, I want something hearty and delicious. I want something like biscuits and gravy (my absolute favorite). But chocolate milk is one of those few sweet treats that I love to … More Morning fuel