I love technology, I hate technology


Why does technology fail?
Don’t you just love technology? We use it all the time. For almost everything we do. It is such a big part is our lives. But somehow it only seems to work when you don’t need it to. As I rush to do that assignment really quickly, of course my computer has to update. It never fails, when you are in a hurry or really need your computer, phone, etc. to work there is always some reason why it won’t. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute, right? I understand that. But it seems to happen others times too. Even when I haven’t procrastinated. It’s like the technology knows I’m relying on it. It does it on purpose is almost how it seems. Technology is awesome, but only when it works. And it definitely works on its own terms. Your wifi doesn’t care if it is the weekend yet or not, it might take a midweek vacation and be out for a day. But we still need it, so it maintains that love-hate relationship ever so perfectly. 



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