Wally World

Generic vs. Namebrand

How to grocery shop for a month
Once a month, at the beginning of each month, my fiancé and I go for our big grocery shopping trip. We get enough food for the month, now we always have to go back for a few odds and ends like more eggs or an onion here and there but for the most part we get everything then. The way I grocery shop now is so much different from how I imagined as a kid I would shop when I got older. I used to wonder why my mom always got great value or other off brand items. I used to always think I would fill my house with sweets so I could eat them whenever I wanted and I would get all kinds of steak and fancy things. Here I am, an adult who shops for my own household and I get none of that. I get more things off brand than my mom did! Now I understand the value of a dollar more that I work for my own and the unimportance of an abundance of sweets. Oh how your thoughts and priorities change with time. 



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