Your momma loves them, you hate them

Are leftovers bad for you?

The science of leftovers
Leftovers. All I picture is those containers full of last night’s or the night befores food in the fridge. Your mom loves them because it means she doesn’t have to cook, just stick them in the microwave and it’s good to go. But you, you hate them. It’s just food that’s warmed up and it doesn’t taste near as good. Now that I am older and live on my own, I see the financial benefits of leftovers. It stretches the cost of that meal a little further and helps prevent or cut back on food waste but I still am not fond of them. There is just something that weirds me out. Even though I know, I cooked them and they’ve been properly stored in my fridge only for one night. Maybe it’s just something in my head but I dread leftovers. The fact that it’s hamburger helper probably doesn’t help my case. 



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