Get Rich Quick

In Your Dreams

What would you do if you got rich over night? As the PowerBall rose in prize money last week many people who never play the lottery started to play their hand at $1.5 billion. I myself even bought quite a few tickets. I easily found myself dreaming about what I would do with all that money. I was already planning my move to Florida, house purchase, and wedding funds for my future kids. It is hard not to imagine what you could do if you got that rich over night.


The “How To”

Money is such a crazy thing, it can make or break a relationship or a mood. People will go crazy over that amount of money, or even less! The first steps of “if you win the lottery“:

  • Assemble a financial team
  • Hire a lawyer
  • Do not tell anyone, even close family
  • Do not quit your job


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