Social Pressure is Real

All The Hype

Girls, and everyone for that matter, but especially girls are surrounded by so much social pressure. You have to look good, you have to be skinny, you need to wear make up, and if you wear sweats you look like crap. Why is the world and the media so hard on girls? The world says:

  • You have to wear make up or you aren’t ready for the day
  • Only a size 3 or smaller is pretty


The Truth About Beauty

I saw a quote the other day that said “Girls aren’t born hating their bodies, they are taught to.” This could not be more true from a personal standpoint. You rarely hear a toddler say she’s fat or that she needs to lose weight but I’ve seen upper elementary school girls going on diets because they think they’re too fat. Society tells us we have to be perfect. It is okay to want to be healthy and confident, but always make sure you love yourself because you are who you are and there is only one you.





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