America’s Favorite Drug

Morning Go-To

Coffee. Most people love it, not everyone but most people. We all know coffee is not healthy but how bad can it really be? How much is too much? Are you just having a harmless indulgence in the morning or has it become a harmful drug?

Coffee BlogLet’s be honest, most people don’t drink one small cup of plain black coffee every other day, or even just once a day. If you are a true coffee drinker, you will have more than one cup and it will be loaded with sugar and creamer. More like, do you want a little coffee with all that sugar?

So how unhealthy is this addiction? Well according to, caffeine is not technically addictive, but when you stop consuming it you will have withdraws. Like food, it is fine to consume coffee in moderation, but to drink it all day long can harm you.

Drinking too much coffee can lead to:

  • Caffeine headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Dehydration
  • Afternoon crashes

The Real Harm

The real problem with drinking too much coffee is what you add to it. The caffeine can be a negative chemical if not taken in moderation, but the sugar and creamer is the real problem. All of the calories in the things you are adding to your coffee are only adding to your body weight. Like any good thing, coffee in moderation as well as the things you add to it are okay but you should always be conscious about how much you are consuming.

For more information on side effects of caffeine please visit here.


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