Major Satisfaction

I came to college as a rare student, one who knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to major in and why. I was set and my life was planned out like a playbook. Well, so I thought.

Major Change

After a year and a half as a nursing major, I had a major change. Literally. I decided to go to the opposite end of the major spectrum and become a journalism and public relations major.

Major Satisfaction

I absolutely love the decision I made. It is just crazy to me how it feels when you truly love what you are doing. The satisfaction I get when I make a good grade on something or do something truly journalistic, like master using the AP Stylebook, the feeling far exceeds any other good grade I have ever gotten. Yesterday, a professor gave me a journalist notebook. It was such a simple thing, but just the fact that it is like what a real journalist would use made me so excited to continue my education and jump into my career.



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