Just A Number

We’ve heard it all before, about more things than one, “it’s just a number”. Rather it is age or weight, it is just a number. We often feel ourselves getting defined by these ever present numbers. I know as a female, I notice it quite often. My pant size is a number. All these numbers … More Just A Number

Vape Life

A new “trend” that is ever so quickly growing is vaping. Many people who smoke have started vaping instead of smoking, rather it is because they think it is better or because they think it is safer. When you vape, you put e-liquid in your tank. It vaporizes the liquid and you smoke it. The … More Vape Life

Too Legit to Quit

This past week, I was published for the first time! Wow, what an amazing feeling that was. I am not a set part of the newspaper staff for the ArkaTech here on campus, I am just in the newspaper practicum. This means that we always write stories with the potential of going in the newspaper … More Too Legit to Quit

Chocolate Heaven

Ah, chocolate. I have met very few people who don’t love a good chocolate treat every once in awhile, maybe a little more than that depending on the person. My particular favorite is a little slice of heaven called Ferrero Rocher. If you have never tried one of these beauties, I suggest you go invest … More Chocolate Heaven

Leave Your Stamp

As is very obvious, it is election year again. The Iowa caucuses took place last night to kick off the choosing of one candidate for each party. This morning as I watched CNN to see what had taken place last night, I could not help but notice one in particular statistic.    In the last … More Leave Your Stamp