Leave Your Stamp

As is very obvious, it is election year again. The Iowa caucuses took place last night to kick off the choosing of one candidate for each party. This morning as I watched CNN to see what had taken place last night, I could not help but notice one in particular statistic.

In the last presidential election, 80 percent of young voters which includes ages 18-25 did not vote at all. When we elect a president, they are in office for at least 4 years and quite often stay for 8. To put that into perspective, if you vote at age 18 the person elected could potentially be in office until you are age 26.

Life is full of changes and the changes that will take place in your life over the span of age 18 to age 26 are huge. Young people, my peers, are not voting on who we want to make major decision that will greatly affect us in the next few years. It is so important to make your mark, we complain about who the president is but we are given a chance to voice our opinions and most of us are not taking that opportunity. The importance of leaving your stamp on the presidential election is very important.


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