Waiting For A Woman

There is no wait quite like the waiting room at a doctor’s office. You have like a 99% chance of never going back right on time or even close to time. It just fathoms me that they schedule appointments this way.

I understand the goal is to schedule as many patients in one day as you can, but can you realistically see one patient every 10 minutes or maybe even less? Probably not.

When the person before you does actually get in and out in ten minuets and you get called back on time it is great, but otherwise it makes scheduling an appointment quite hard. Getting an appointment with the doctor is already hard enough because so many people already need to see them. So when you can get in you are usually scheduling it around work and/or school.

You can only clear your schedule for so long meaning that when you go to the doctor and have to wait an hour or longer that is really messing up your schedule somewhere else. Today, I literally sat in the waiting room for as long or longer than my appointment even lasted. I got there five minutes before my appointment and still had three other people go ahead of me.

Bottom line- keeping up with your health is hard and time consuming.


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