Do you want my kidney too?

College is expensive. That is no secret, everyone knows going into college that it is going to cost them more than they will make in the first few years out of college even with a degree. But what about textbooks? I went to a private school so I know how much textbooks can cost. But why?

College textbooks cost an outrageous amount sometimes, ranging from a few bucks all the way up to a few HUNDRED bucks. When I see the amount I am about to have to spend on books each semester I just think to myself, would you like to take my kidney too?

I understand that someone wrote these and they need to get paid as well as the printing company and all the other middle men. But my thought is that everyone has to have these books, as long as the teacher is assigning them, most students will keep buying them so why not cut the costs just a little bit. So I ask you, as you think about going to college, be thinking about which organ you don’t need that much because with the costs of everything you might have to sell it. Anything can happen.


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