All of life’s questions

The theme for this blog is supposed to be the world through our eyes. As I sit here and try to think of more random stuff that I see to blog about all I can help but think about is the one thing that really sums up “life through my eyes“.


As a young adult, I feel like life through my eyes is just a bunch of questions. How do I find the best job out of college? When do I start having kids? Should I spend this extra money or save it? How do I get the best health insurance? Should I do my own taxes or have someone do them for me?

I am an adult, but I am still growing up. Yes, I live on my own and am almost done with college but that comes with a whole new chapter of learning experiences. I have mastered childhood and teenage-hood (I totally made that up) but now it is time for me to start learning “how to adult“.

So if you really want to know what the world looks like through my eyes, it looks like a big place full of adventures and opportunities but more than anything, it looks like it is full of the unknown.


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