Interesting Story- Kenzie

I interviewed a girl named Kenzie, who told me an interesting story from high school. 

When Kenzie was in high school, they went on a junior senior trip to Washington, D.C. They had just arrived that day and everyone had been taking showers and was now sitting the hall for a study time. Kenzie was last to take a shower so she hadn’t taken one yet. After sitting in the hall for a little bit, Kenzie decided to go take a shower. When she tried to get into their hotel room she couldn’t get it to unlock. All of her other roommates tried and were unsuccessful. Finally, they went and got help from the front desk associate who then called the handyman. He said that the battery was dead and couldn’t be fixed until they got a locksmith there tomorrow. The staff put them up in a different hotel room for the night but they were not able to get their stuff out of the room. All of the other girls already had their pajamas on though. A guy Kenzie was friends with offered to give her boxers and a t-shirt to sleep in so she accepted. The next morning, Kenzie woke up and went down to breakfast forgetting she was still in his boxers. She was quickly reminded though when everyone in the breakfast room from her high school began to laugh at her.


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