Phone Free Zone

Over spring break, my fiance and I took a weekend vacation with my parents and three younger siblings. We stayed in a small cabin in Oark, Arkansas called the Catalpa Cabin.

While you are there, you do not get any cell phone service or internet service. At first I was kind of dreading that because my phone plays such a huge part in my everyday life.

I was incredibly wrong. I took my camera for pictures so I didn’t even need to use my phone for that. I put my phone in my suitcase and didn’t get it out until we left.

I really noticed how attached I am to it because I kept finding myself reaching for it even when I didn’t have it on me.

The detox from it was so nice though. We all just spent time together actually talking and playing board games. When we watched a movie everyone was actually watching it rather than playing on their phones while “watching”. We even played a few games of horseshoes outside.

I love being home and I love technology but forcing myself to detox was wonderful. I just want to go back and do it all again.


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