FitBit Charge HR Review

I am on this new weight loss journey consisting of eating cleaner and limiting my carb intake, but also exercising on a regular basis.

To help me with this, I recently received the FitBit Charge HR as a gift.

Verdict: I love it!

It keeps track of my heart rate, my steps taken, my calories burned, distance walked and floors climbed. That is everything I can see just on the screen of my device. When I go into the app, I can see even more of what it is tracking though. I can see how long I slept as well as how many times I was awake or restless throughout the night.

The app also allows you to do little competitions with other FitBit owners and it will notify you who won. Almost like it is making exercise fun.

I think that this really helps you see the things that go on in your body throughout the day. It has really helped me see how little exercise I actually get and how “all of the walking” I think I do throughout the day isn’t near enough.


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