Balancing Act: Work and School

Some college students are lucky enough that they don’t have to work while they are in school. However, for the majority of students this is not the case.

Some students even have to work full time while attending school. Working 20-40 hours each week while going to school can be a lot to handle.

I have come up with my own personal tips for how to juggle both:

  • Study during your free time during the day. Rather than waiting until you get off work at night and cramming everything last minute, do it during the day. If you have a few hours before work then get homework done then. This will allow you to relax when you come home from a long day of school and work. This will also allow you to go to bed with a clean mind.
  • Keep up with a planner. Have a good planner where you write down your work schedule and everything you need to get done on the appropriate days. This will help avoid forgetting things or getting behind. This will clearly show you how much free time you have and what all you need to get done.
  • Work ahead. Never settle for just finishing what is due the next day. Rather than just finishing the bare minimum so that you can have one hour of free time, use that hour to finish a few future assignments. By doing this, you will allow yourself a whole free day in the near future and will also allow yourself extra time in case something does come up that you forgot about.

College and work are hard to juggle, but it is all about how you do it.


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