Season Me

Remember how your mom and grandma had that perfect iron skillet? They would always cook in it and it just made everything taste heavenly. It was like there was some secret to the “iron skillet” because it somehow made everything taste even better than normal.

Well, don’t be fooled any longer. There is a secret to the iron skillet. It is called seasoning it. Iron skillets don’t come already tasting great, well most don’t. You can buy a few that do, but it still just isn’t the same.

When you get an iron skillet, you season it by cooking in it. After cooking, you don’t scrub it or wash it with soap. You simply rinse it out and then rub some oil in it to make it greasy. This leaves all of the seasoning from whatever you cooked in it. This is what makes the iron skillet such a great tool. But my question is, why don’t we do this to all of our pans?


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