Almost Moo’ing

My all time favorite meal is steak. I love a good, medium-rare steak. One of those where it isn’t still moo’ing at me, but you might see a little blood still running from it. The steak that isn’t cold in the middle but it is just barely warm. That kind of steak literally just melts … More Almost Moo’ing

Green Juice

So juice cleanse is a thing. If you are not very strong-willed, don’t be upset if you don’t last though. The juice cleanse is where you do not eat any food for two, sometimes three, days. All you do is drink juice. This will help clean out your insides and will help you feel more … More Green Juice

Jesus Swag

I recently ordered some new sandals because what girl doesn’t love new shoes. A trend that is huge right now, is what I like to refer to as “Jesus sandals”. These are sandals that have a lot of straps and usually go at least up your ankle, if not further up your leg. If you … More Jesus Swag

Season Me

Remember how your mom and grandma had that perfect iron skillet? They would always cook in it and it just made everything taste heavenly. It was like there was some secret to the “iron skillet” because it somehow made everything taste even better than normal. Well, don’t be fooled any longer. There is a secret … More Season Me