Salads in a Jar

When I first started trying to eat healthier, my excuse as to why I hadn’t been was always that it took too long to make healthy food. My second excuse was that healthy food always went bad faster so I was spending more money throwing away rotted food. Since then, I have discovered salads in … More Salads in a Jar


College is a great experience. You don’t have class for eight hours each day. They aren’t usually one right after the other like they are in high school. It sounds like you would have so much freedom, right? Wrong. There is a reason college courses are set up like that. This is what allows you … More College

Photodocumentary: Family Vacation

Location: Catalpa Cabin, Oark, Arkansas Characters: Alan Kays, Landon Kays, Grant Kays, Cody Chivers, Gunner Situation: #1 Broken Chair; #2 No internet or cell service Emotion: Happy, relaxed Resolution: #1 Elmer’s Wood Glue; #2 outdoor activities including: fishing and the swinging bridge; also taking many naps

Remote Clutter

As I am sitting here flipping through channels, I cannot help but notice all of the buttons on the remote. There are just so many of them. What do they all even mean? Most of them I have never even used before and probably never will. Of course, they all have some sort of function … More Remote Clutter

Camera Dummy

My younger sister loves photography. She is always taking pictures of something. I swear she gets a new camera about every six months. This Christmas she got another new camera and I finally convinced her to give me her hand-me-down camera. I thought I was going to be this awesome photographer and would figure it … More Camera Dummy

Fur Babies

Growing up, we have always had a family pet. As much as my parents always say they don’t want one, we have always somehow ended up keeping one around at any given point in time. Of course my parents always tried to use the pet to teach us responsibility by having us try to potty … More Fur Babies